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Jess Braun

The theme song for the Genuine Thunder Podcast is “Transformation” by Jess Braun, aka, Cory Cory.  Jess is a Recording Artist, Performer & Producer from Austin, TX. 

She is not only a genuine person, with a great personality, she is also an amazingly talented artist, with an incredible energy that resonates in her music.

Be sure to check her out, you can purchase a copy of her album “Waveside” which includes her hit song (our theme song)  “Transformation”.  Click here to be taken to the ordering page for Transformation.

Ted Silverhand

Ted Silverhand, a Tuscarora Native from North Carolina, is a member of the Sagarrissa family and the Bear Clan.  The Sagarrissa have been known and acclaimed as Seers for generations.

Silverhand’s own spiritual gifts were recognized when he was a very young child. At the age of 12 he began offering spiritual guidance through his readings for his family and friends. Even then, the “Teachers” or his “Council” as he calls the Spirit Masters and Guides who work through him, provided insight and advice to those who sought answers.

For over 50 years Ted Silverhand and his Council have been helping others to integrate their spiritual selves into their everyday lives. His teachers, working through him, have proven to many the existence of other worlds and dimensions also under the command of the Great Mystery, our Creator, which stand ready to assist us in our time of need.

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