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Sometimes the journey is more important than the end result.

GT Podcast

The Genuine Thunder podcast takes us on an incredible journey!

We share amazing stories and provide insight into unique phenomenon, encounters with spirit entities, afterlife awareness, healing, meditation, consciousness and mediumship.

We feature an array of special guests, with incredible knowledge and abilities.

Listeners can also email or call into our hotline and ask questions or share their own experiences, which we may use in future episodes.

If this sounds intriguing, hit the play button on an episode below, you’ll love the Genuine Thunder experience!

Our Hotline

Do you have a story you would like to share or a question you would like to ask?  You can reach out to us by heading over to our Hotline page.

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Podcast Episodes

The Premiere Episode is coming soon!

We’re currently working hard to get all the finishing touches done.

Watch this space, we will announce all new episodes here first!

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